Age brings happiness

I have found that sometimes after a busy day at work I just want to go home, put on my pajamas and watch TV. That makes me happy. My younger self would be appalled that I have become so boring. Studies have shown that we are happier as we age. There are two peaks of happiness; one in our early 20s and one in old age. Approximately, ages 23 and 69.

As we grow up, what made us happy in our younger years slowly evolves into something different. Younger happiness is full of anticipation of what lies ahead in life; the excitement of first love, promotions at work, moving to anew town. The older type of happiness is more about being happy with our current circumstances. The older we get the more we want to hang on to what we have achieved. We have more life experiences of pain and loss. Being happy becomes less of the high energy experiences and more of the peaceful, relaxing experiences.

Happiness is positively linked with age, as we age; we tend to accept who we are and what we have accomplished in life. One is not less happy than the other, just a different way of understanding what happiness is.

If you are like me and your pursuit of happiness includes more peace and relaxation than giddy excitement, you are not missing out on happiness. Your happiness has just evolved into something different. Even if our happiness is less fun by our younger selves’ standards, it is not less good.