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Dental exam

Remembering the Titanic

There was not a dentist aboard the Titanic. The medical care on the Titanic was set up to be the best. The physician on the Titanic had dental forceps on board and was prepared to extract teeth if necessary. In the early 1900’s, it was not unusual for physicians to treat patients with toothaches. There…

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Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is on its way! For many of you, this is the time to thoroughly clean your homes of dust and cobwebs, get rid of clutter and let a breath of fresh air into your life. But what about your smile? Even with regular daily brushing and flossing, routine cleanings, or “prophylaxis” (literally “preventive treatment…

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Dental myths debunked

Through the years we have heard many fantastic statements from our patients. Most of them are dental myths! Once a myth is started it seems to grow into fact just because it is repeated. Here are some myths we have heard and want to correct. My teeth don’t hurt so they must be healthy A…

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