Dental Assistant Recognition Week

March 5th through 11th

Our dental assistants are vital to providing quality care for our patients. When a dentist has a skilled assistant, they are more efficient in the operatory. Dental assistants take medical history, dental history, and prepare the patient for treatment. Dental assistants expose dental radiographs (x-rays), pass instruments during the procedure, take impressions, and make provisional crowns. The dental assistant becomes Dr. Alouf’s extra hands letting him focus on your dental procedure. Dental assistants are responsible for:

*Cleaning and prepping the dental operatory for each patient.

*Sterilization of instruments and equipment

*Providing patients with post-op care instructions after a dental procedure such as a filling or extraction.

*Follow-up calls the day after a procedure to check on our patients.

*Documenting treatment notes in the patient’s computerized chart.

*Tracking lab prescriptions for each denture, crown, or bridge that is sent out of the office.

*Teaching proper oral care to patients to help them maintain their oral health.

*Scheduling patients for treatment.

*Tracing supplies and ordering for the office.

And the most important task our dental assistants do? Helping our patients feel comfortable before, during, and after their dental treatment. Aa Dentistry couldn’t function without our dental assistant team. With over 75 years combined experience in dentistry, Tracey, Tammy, and Donna provide high quality dental care which makes dental visits easier for the patient and for Dr. Alouf. Join us in recognizing our fabulous dental assistants- Tracey, Tammy, and Donna