Dental myths debunked

Through the years we have heard many fantastic statements from our patients. Most of them are dental myths! Once a myth is started it seems to grow into fact just because it is repeated. Here are some myths we have heard and want to correct.

My teeth don’t hurt so they must be healthy

A cavity can kill the tooth nerve so it usually does not hurt. You can’t see cavities under the surface of the tooth just by looking.

All cavities hurt.

Teeth can be sensitive for a variety of reasons, not just from decay. Let Dr. Alouf diagnose why your teeth are sensitive.

If your teeth are white, your teeth are healthy.

Teeth are not meant to be pure white. You can keep your teeth white by regular brushing and flossing, but gum disease can hide around the prettiest white teeth.

Baby teeth don’t need to be brushed.

Yes they do! Kids’ baby teeth are essential for healthy growth of permanent teeth. The baby teeth roots help guide the adult teeth as they grow in.

Bad breath means your oral hygiene is poor.

While bad oral hygiene can cause bad breath, it is also caused by medication, medical condition, your diet, and smoking.

The more sugar you eat the more cavities you get.

Nope! How long the sugar stays on your teeth is more important than how much you eat. Brush after eating sugar.

Put an aspirin on an aching tooth.

Aspirin can’t enter a tooth to help pain. Aspirin will burn your gums.

Don’t brush if your gums are bleeding.

Gums bleed because of plaque left on the teeth. Brushing off the plaque is the only way to help the gums start to heal.

Braces are only for kids.

With Invisalign even adults can have the smile they want. No one is too old for a straight smile!

If you have any questions about your teeth or about dental myths you have heard, ask us to clarify them for you!

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