Let’s celebrate false teeth

While our preference is for our patients to keep their teeth, sometimes we have to make false teeth for them to wear. There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth. One or two teeth can be replaced with single implants or crown and bridge work. Multiple teeth can be replaced with full or partial dentures. Implants can help to hold replacement options in place.

The first people who have been known to make dentures are a pre Roman Italian people called the Etruscans. They used people or animal teeth fitted to gold bands which fit over a person’s remaining teeth. Dietary changes in the mid 1800s caused sugar to be consumed in greater amounts and dental decay became more prevalent.

At Alouf Aesthetics we offer a variety of tooth replacement options. Our in office Benchmark Denture is a same day option to replace old or worn out dentures. Dr. Alouf uses a Benchmark template denture and custom fits it to your mouth in our office denture lab.

We also offer a custom, lab finished, Avadent denture which uses advanced digital technology to create a denture that is more durable and bacteria resistant than the average denture. A digital record ensures that your denture can be replaced quickly if lost or broken.

Thanks to modern technology today’s false teeth are mostly indistinguishable from natural teeth. So if you have missing teeth, talk to us and see what options are available for you!