What is Waterlase Dentistry?

Waterlase dentistry combines laser energy with a spray of water to perform a variety of dental procedures more comfortably. It can cut teeth, bone and gum tissue and can also do things that can't be accomplished with traditional dental tools such as the drill and scalpel.

Dr. Alouf has incorporated the use of the dental laser into every aspect of his practice. Our dental laser is used to improve patient outcomes and shorten healing times of many procedures such as, dental fillings, root canal therapy, treatment of advanced periodontal disease, and dental surgical procedures. In many cases, using Waterlase lessens or eliminates the need for dental anesthesia.

When visiting our office we will determine if dental laser procedures are right for you. Remember, our mission is to provide state-of-the-art, quality dentistry, in a comfortable and caring environment!


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