What are Cerec® Single-Visit Restorations?

Cerec® is a superior method of creating precisely designed, color matched, and highly durable ceramic restorations right in our office. Cerec® delivers the results you need in a single appointment. The technology of the Cerec® system allows us to design every precise detail of your restoration (crown or inlay) with the accuracy you expect of us.

After examining the tooth and determining the course of treatment, we will prepare your tooth for restoration, similarly to traditional methods. Your tooth will be coated with a safe, tasteless powder. We then use a digital 3D camera to create an optical impression. This digital image replaces the physical impression required in traditional procedures.

Your inlay or crown is then milled in our office while you wait, and you leave with your finished restoration. This eliminates the need for two to three weeks of laboratory time and the fabrication of a temporary crown or inlay during that interim period.

Alouf Aesthetics realizes that your time is very important in today's world. We have invested in this technology to provide you with state-of-the-art dental restorations while being conscious of your time. Contact us today to find out if single-visit restoration is right for you.

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