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By scheduling an appointment at Alouf Aesthetic Dentistry, you take the first step to optimal oral and total-body health! We work to make your initial visit educational, relaxing, comfortable and as anxiety free as possible. Our dedicated team, with more than 170 years’ total experience, makes your dental health our priority.

When you call Alouf Aesthetic Dentistry to inquire about an appointment, we greet you in a friendly, professional manner. Our team members answer all your questions and help you make an appointment.

You experience the same warm welcome when you arrive at our office. As we complete your registration and familiarize you with our facility and services, we want to make you feel comfortable — like you’re part of the Alouf family and we already know you. While you wait, relax and enjoy the opportunity to review patient education materials, our before-and-after photos of real patients or just have a beverage on us!

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An Alouf dental hygienist welcomes you to the next part of your visit. The hygienist will discuss your dental history, health history, medication information, dental concerns and goals. Be sure to ask whatever questions you have!

Your hygienist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, including screening for oral cancer, taking periodontal measurements and getting any x-rays. Most new patients in our practice require a full-mouth series of x-rays and a panorex x-ray. The hygienist will discuss the findings with you and give you another opportunity to ask questions.

Next, you’ll meet Dr. Alouf. Your hygienist will provide him with clinical findings, and the doctor will take a second look. Dr. Alouf will briefly review your medical and dental history and address your primary concerns. Dr. Alouf will review your x-rays and check the entirety of your mouth, neck and jaw for any signs of concern. At this time, the doctor may prescribe additional diagnostics to completely diagnose and treatment-plan your case, and you’ll have yet another chance to ask questions.

At Alouf Aesthetics Dentistry, we believe dentistry is best practiced comprehensively, with the doctor taking time to plan a customized, effective treatment plan for each patient to achieve his or her desired results

We want this be a long-term relationship for a lifetime of smiles!

Download and complete our new patient packet to make registration a breeze when you arrive.


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